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The Clemens Kalischer photo archive contains over 70 years of his documentary and art photography (only a small percentage of which is online). His work is varied, covering themes related to agriculture, socio-economic issues, architecture, music, activism, education, religion, celebrity, the environment, portraiture, landscape, and much more. He also focused on regions such as New York City, the American South, Europe, India, Cuba, Israel, and more.


He is most known for his photo series on Displaced Persons arriving in NYC between 1947 and 1948. Other series include NYC street photography (including the iconic "Boy with dog" photo featured in Family of Man), Black Mountain College, Marlboro Music Festival, Lenox School of Jazz, Peacham VT,  and the Piedmont region in Northern Italy. Clemens Kalischer also worked closely with Norman Rockwell as one of his photographers, and the archive contains fascinating behind-the-scenes photos of Rockwell at work.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a print. We have both original works, printed by Clemens Kalischer, as well as Estate Prints. We are also happy to provide sample images before purchase if you are interested in something not online.

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